Web Development

I’ve been developing Web applications since 1999, using a variety of technologies. Currently, I’m a senior-level Ruby on Rails developer, and I’m also experienced with client-side JavaScript and CoffeeScript. In addition, I’m starting to work with Angular, NW.js and Node.js. I do a lot of open-source development (see my GitHub profile for more information); in particular, I’ve created the Quorum calendar system, and I’m currently developing a billing application from scratch for my own freelance work.

Other programming interests of mine include algorithmic music research, as well as Haskell.

Freelance work

I’m an experienced freelancer and contractor (check out my résumé), and I love developing software that lets people be more productive than they ever thought possible. I take a user-centered approach to information architecture and UI design, and under the hood I rigorously test and refactor everything. So if you hire me, you know that you’ll get software that is easy for you to use, reliable to run, and simple for me or anyone else to maintain and extend.

I love working with non-technical and technical clients alike; I believe in making quality Web applications accessible to any business or individual with a good idea. So if you’d like to hire me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!