Celtic Tune V*irus Warning

Subject: Celtic Tune V*irus Warning from Ir-Trad

If anyone attempts to teach you a tune titled “JOIN THE CREW”, do not listen. This is NOT a traditional jig or a reel but is a 13/8 Balkan v*irus form whose insidious counter-Celtic rhythms will erase all tunes in your memory and the memory of any one who hears it and replaces ALL OF THEM with the theme from Gilligan’s Island!

Please, send this message to as many musicians as you can… This is a new v&irus and not many people know about it! This information was received this morning from IRTRAD, please share it with anyone that might access the tradition. There are concrete reports of sessions in pubs in as many as 42 cities (so far) being destroyed by this v*irus, with up to 300 former session musicians able only to sit and vacantly stare at their instruments while reciting “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…”

The horror … the horror …

Pass this message along to all of your friends, relatives and the other readers of the newsgroups and mailing lists which you are on so that they are not hurt by this dangerous v*irus!!!! STOP THE INSANITY!!