All right, who is this Marnen person anyway?

Glad you asked! I’m a composer, musician, and computer geek originally from the New York area. I’m currently a graduate student in the Contemporary Improvisation program at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts; like many other Boston-area graduate students, I live in the nearby city of Somerville. I do music (performance, composition, and engraving) and Web development professionally, as well as various other computer-related things from time to time (non-Web programming, Web design, network support,…). If you’re interested in hiring me, you might want to look at my résumés (either for music or programming). I have also done a bit of work with computer animation; there will be samples of that here at some point.

Besides music, animation, and computer stuff, my interests include:

As this site expands, some of these interests will undoubtedly have their own pages. Meanwhile, you’ll just have to be content with these little teasers! ;>