What’s a website without a collection of interesting links? Assembled here are sites that would not otherwise have been listed here, but that are worthy of further clicking and somehow related to my own pursuits. This page is always under construction, and some of the categories here may yet turn into pages of their own…watch this space!

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Note that links displayed like this are archived copies of old Web pages, presented courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. If you know where to find current sources for any of them, please contact me!


Computers and other geeky stuff

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Folk music and dance

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Good books on this topic:

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Languages and linguistics

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SCA and other medieval stuff

Humorous SCA links are over here.

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Affiliate links

The links in this section are affiliate links: you follow the links (and in some cases buy what they’re selling), and I get a small commission. It’s a win-win-win situation: you get a good product or service, the site gets more business, and I get paid. If you have any positive or negative feedback about these companies, please let me know – I hope these resources are useful, and I have no desire to be promoting anything but high-quality products and companies.

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Other cool sites